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ErrorTape was an error. I was digitising the original 45 minute Thearlyears Drey Grade tape using an ION Tape Express Tape to MP3 converter and had to go out before it had finished. When I got home it had transferred the tape successfully but the tape had somehow started playing from the start again and had gone into a loop, but also was very slowly creeping forward so each loop was slightly different from the previous one. The recording is exactly how it was converted, no edits or effects have been used. It’s about 9 minutes long but the length of the original sound source is maybe 30 seconds or less. The original sound recording is me at an auto recording booth.

Original track which includes the whole of the auto recording booth record

Auto recording booth

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)


released December 24, 2016




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