Frolics (Cassette version)

by G.A.G



The original cassette version of Frolics.
Includes Frolics 1-7 from the tape plus an extra later track.

Frolics was inspired by a found 16mm film called Aqua Frolics featuring an underwater banquet. After initially using mainly sampled water sounds as a soundtrack for the film, the soundtrack started to dictate its own internal structure to such an extent that the film was abandoned.

Sections of sequenced white noise became the foundation for the renamed Frolics.
This is the original 1996 cassette version. The later CD version is here -

Also here is an early 80 second excerpt released in 1995 as 'Scuba' on a compilation CD 'Network: Volume 2, 54 Miniatures' on the Discus label of Sheffield

Equipment - Oscar synth, Akai SO1 sampler, and an Amiga 500+ and Music X sequencing.


released August 1, 1996

G.A.G is Graeme Gill
Scuba - Graeme Gill & Adam Pitt


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



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